Getting ready to undertake a painting project can be a daunting task. Finding the right contractor to complete the project is just as difficult. However, here are some key points to remember when selecting a painting contractor for your job.

Selecting the Right Contractor For the Job:

When selecting a painting contractor insure you have the right contractor for your project. For example, a residential painting contractor is not the proper choice for a high-rise project. How can you make that determination? A good first step is to check the contractor’s reference list. Most quality contractors will have their reference list available as part of their marketing plan. Check the reference list for projects that are similar size and scope of work to what you are doing. Then call the references and ask certain pertinent questions like: What is the quality of their work? Was the project completed according to schedule? Were there any issues regarding warranty? Were the workers for the company clean-cut, courteous, and in uniform? How was their housekeeping? How would you rate them 1-10, 10 being best?

In most states all contractors are required to have the proper license to perform their work. Check to see if the contractor you are considering is licensed by calling your state contractor license board. Also Insurance requirements are critical to you as the owner or owner’s representative. Make sure your contractor has adequate coverage to handle all but the most extreme accidents.

Contractors always tell clients they are bondable, but in truth are the really able to provide a surely bond? I always offer my clients a bond if the job exceeds $100,000.00 for a very normal 2% fee. This is an inexpensive was to have peace of mind for an expensive project.

Too Good to Be True:

Be leery of a price that looks too good to be true, it usually is! Also be leery if they are ready to start immediately if you will award them the job. That may have hidden meanings. A quality contractor should to able to maintain a decent backlog of work.

Last but not last, prior to awarding your contract ask 2 or 3 of your preferred contractors a few important questions like: Do they drug screen all employees? Do they have a safety program in place and who administers it? What warranties do they offer for your project? Remember price is not everything in your projects. However, by following these simple ideas you will increase your chances of a quality job that you are satisfied with.